Why BlackBrick

By MORITZ WELLENSIEK, BlackBrick Founder


There are not many problems left for which a solution does not yet exist in the world.

Usually we find solutions in the form of an app or a mass produced product off the shelf.

But every once in a while you come across a problem for which an adequate solution does not exist. This leaves you with one of two choices.

You can either compromise and settle for something less than ideal. Or you can create a solution for yourself - scratch your own itch so to speak - and with luck, others might like it.

And so my 8 year journey to creating BlackBrick started out of frustration.

I was a young entrepreneur with no network or real business connections. I was in an environment that did not support what I was trying to get done. I did not have access to funding and it was generally not an easy ride.

So I started to imagine an ecosystem that would support me and other young entrepreneurs and professionals during this seminal stage of life. A type of perfectly nurturing environment.

In my mind the concept had to have 3 pillars:

  1. Physically, it had to make life easy

  2. Energetically, it had to have social support structures

  3. Intellectually, it had to nourish you

And so BlackBrick is a place in the city that has everything you need under one roof including Workspaces, Boardrooms, a Cinema, Conversation Lounge, multiple restaurants, a Gym, Yoga Meditation Garden, Rooftop Bar and a host of lifestyle services like on-site laundry, cleaning, grooming... I could go on but you can see the full product here for yourself.

Fundamentally, your life at BlackBrick is sorted.

Secondly, it’s a place where you are surrounded by a mix of people with common values who are in a similar stage of life to you.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we have an accelerator program which mentors our members through guided talks and workshops, business support services and networking programs.

What all of this does is fuel our mission of empowering our members to become the best version of themselves.

This in turn then hopefully has a ripple effect towards some positive outcomes beyond our direct influence. From one community to a network of communities with an expanding circle of human progress.

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