The offer advertised pertaining to the Weylandts Sofa is subject to the following terms and conditions:


The Sofa in question is limited to the following product:


1. There is only 1 (one) sofa that will be given away. 


2. This sofa will be purchased by BlackBrick and given to the buyer as a gift as part of a property purchase.


3. A property purchase is defined as a successful bankable sale (required deposit paid and required bank loan approval accepted) followed by a successful deeds transfer and occupation of the property in question.


4. The Sofa shall be delivered within 30 days of successful occupation and handover of the property by the developer to the property buyer. The First person to successfully sign the required property sale offer to purchase agreement and pay their deposit, shall be awarded the one and only sofa. 


6. In order to qualify as the first buyer, the buyer must mention that they have seen the advert immediately upon engaging with the BlackBrick Sales Team which must be recorded in writing. 


7. Should a sale result out of the marketing efforts of this promotion after the first buyer has been confirmed then the buyer shall have no claim to the one and only sofa.


8. BlackBrick reserves the right to continue advertising the promotion until the first buyer as defined in clause 4 above has been successfully completed (offer to purchase signed and deposit paid) for the reason that should the buyer not succeed in signing their agreement or paying the deposit, the second buyer or third buyer etc shall be awarded the sofa. In the Event that a property purchase is concluded as per point 4 above but the property is not transferred to that buyer as per point 3 above for whatever reason, then the gift promotion shall fall away entirely. 


9. These rights may not be transferred.


10. The sofa may not be exchanged for cash for its retail value of R10'000


11. This promotion will expire on 20 December 2019


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